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World Map.gif The Directors recognise the importance of environmental considerations. As a responsible organisation the James Latham Group seeks to follow, in all areas of its activities, policies which support this.

It is considered that with best practices observed, timber and wood products are the ultimate sustainable and recyclable materials, requiring low energy consumption to process and are thermally efficient in use.

The Group is an involved supporter of the policies adopted by Forests Forever and a signatory to its recommended policies.

Forests Forever is a campaign by Britain’s timber industry to help safeguard the forests of the world by encouraging improved forest management, responsible trading and the promotion of the positive environmental aspects of using timber.

As signatories to the Forests Forever policy, we actively seek from our suppliers evidence of commitment to continuous improvement in environmental performance, information on the source of wood products and evidence of good forest management practice. James Latham will only source materials from suppliers who are operating within the laws of their own country.

With the growing public awareness of the environment and environmental issues, and with many customers specifically requesting certified timber, we have made positive moves towards stocking products originating from sustainable and correctly managed forests, and in particular FSC® certified products. (FSC products have their forest of origin independently inspected and evaluated according to environmental, social and economic criteria agreed by the Forest Stewardship Council® AC.)

FSC Promotional Panel - Portrait - White Background, Black Text.jpgFSC® (the Forest Stewardship Council®) is an international, non-profit making association whose membership includes environmental and social groups and progressive forestry and wood retail companies working in partnership to improve forest management world wide. All depots of the James Latham group have now been awarded FSC® accredited certification by BM TRADA.

Material is also stocked that has been produced under the Programme for the Endorsement of Certification schemes (PEFC) and the American Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI). The Group aims to adopt environmental standards at least equal to legal requirements and to integrate environmental considerations into its decision making in such areas as transport, energy usage, treatment plants, waste disposal and health and safety.

  • To download our Environmental Certification Schemes & Timber Purchasing brochure, please click here .
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  • To view our Environmental Policy, please click here .





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