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Accoya Alder



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Widening The Range with Accoya® Alder

We are pleased to announce that the Accsys product range will expand this year with the introduction of Accoya Alder.  Alder has a tradition of use as an attractive hardwood for internal joinery and doors, and particularly in North America.  Accsys' proprietary process provides alder the performance required for long, low maintenance service lift in exterior and other challenging environments.

Developmental Stages

Accoya Alder has developed through R&D and the production plant in recent years to this commercial implementation.  The evolution has involved a range of process development and optimisation steps, then wide ranging material testing and more recently product prototyping in applications from doors, windows, solid wood flooring, outdoor furniture and boat decks.  The experience from companies working with this material has been extremely positive.

Technical and Performance

Key technical performance properties of Accoya Alder are similar to Accoya Radiata with respect to durability class, dimensional stability and hardness.  With regards appearance, early indications show discoloration and sticker marks are lower for alder, relative to radiata product and this position will be investigated further.  Additionally, alder has a darker natural initial colour than radiata but after acetylation will fade to a similar level.

Product Offer

Alder is sawn in a random width specification, and lengths of 10 foot, 8 foot and a small level of 7 foot material.  After multiple MP4 part load batches, Accsys's first full MP4 batch of alder was 52mm.  The stock will develop further with 25mm, and possibly 32 or 38mm dependant on enquiries.  Accoya Alder will be within of FSC program.