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Shinnoki **NEW **



Decospan, trendsetter and European leader in veneer processing presents Shinnoki: a range of ready to use veneered panels that are stained and lacquered and do not require further finishing.

The Shinnoki range is a combination of quality veneers applied to the face of the PEFC MDF core, with a light or dark melamine reverse. Shinnoki is as well available with veneer on two sides of the board. To complete the range, Shinnoki is also available in a 3 ply version. 3 ply are loose sheets of veneer which are finished like the Shinnoki board.

Contemporary stains are applied to the face veneer and consist of 16 modern finishes. Matching edge banding, also stained and lacquered, is available.

The Shinnoki collection is available in a thickness of 19 mm and in a board size of 2790 x 1240. The 3 ply version is available in a thickness of 1.5mm and in a sheet size of 3000 x 1220 mm.

The ultra mat PU finish 'gloss 10' enhances the natural look and preserves the veneer structure.Panels are supplied ready to use and to ensure they arrive in a first class condition; each panel has a transparent removable protection film applied to the surface.

Using the "mixmatch" jointing technique, whereby wood veneer of different trees and various grain patterns are matched, continuous surfaces without an optical interruption are being created. The result ? A more uniform quality, without losing the lively and unique aspect of wood. Modern, innovative, creative and timeless at the same time.


Wood, the ultimate natural product.  Shinnoki is wood a natural material that evokes values such as warmth, style, cosiness, authenticity.  The veneer processing and jointing technique optimizes the use of this renewable resource and leads to a consistent product quality and maximum log yield.  Manufacturing is centralized at one location, reducing unnecessary and costly transport.  Decospan is committed to a strong and caring environmental policy throughout its business.  State of the art manufacturing equipment exceeding currently environmental requirements have been installed for the finishing operation.  Sourcing of wood veneer from reliable, sustainable and legal sources coupled with PEFC COC standards shows the Decospan commitment to a robust environmental policy.

Shinnoki Matrix

To view the Shinnoki matrix showing available colours, dimensions and thicknesses, please click here.

Shinnoki Matrix

To view the current Shinnoki folder, please click here.

For further information please visit the Shinnoki website www.shinnoki.com