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Siberian Larch

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The colour of Siberian larch can vary from a dark brown to a pale yellow.  Larch is very slow grown and has an unusally high durability factor for a softwood species.  Due to its high density, Larch is perfect for projects such as schools or shopping complexes where impact may occur.

Larch is a class 3 durability rated product, which is moderately durable.  

Dimensional Stability
Larch has a movement rating of medium.

Thermal Conductivity
With a conductivity rating of (y10) of approximately 0.13 W/(mk) it is an excellent species to keep heat in.

The density of Larch is 570 - 650kg per m3.  Moisture content at time of installation should be 16% +/- 4%.

Larch can be machined to achieve a fantastic finish, but beware that due to the density of the product it is advised that regular sharpening of the blades is recommended.  It is also suggested that screwing instead of nailing is preferable to avoid splitting.

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