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ThermoWood® is produced by heat treating Finnish grown pine and spruce to temperatures in excess of 200 degrees centigrade. During the heat treatment, chemical and structural changes occur within the timber which alter and improve some of its basic characteristics. The resulting product is an altogether more durable and stable timber, an ideal cladding material for use in exposed areas such as external walls.


Thermowood is rated as class 2, which is durable.  (BRE give a life span for this product of around 30 years).

Dimensional Stability

One of the benefits of this product is it's stability, the thermal modification process reduces the moisture content in the board ensuring less movement.

Thermal Conductivity

Thermowood has a thermal conductivity of around 20% less than standard softwoods.  The thermal conductivity is y10 to 0.099 W/(m K).


The density of this material is between 350kg m3 to 480kg m3 when dried to a moisture content of around 6%.


Nail/screw holding capability on this product is around 20% less than usual due to the altered state of the cell wall caused by the thermowood process.

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