External Door Kits with PAS24:2012... and a 10-Year Guarantee

Added 07.30.16

James Latham is now offering a range of super-thick, high-performance external door blanks that as well as having been tested to PAS24:2012 at Exova BMTrada, also boast a 10-year guarantee against bowing.
Exclusively available on a short lead time though James Latham, FERRO KlassikPlus door blanks, which are manufactured by Moralt in Germany and are available in 68mm, 78mm, 88mm and 98mm thicknesses, can also be supplied as a complete door-kit which includes a 3-part frame, hinges, seals, threshold and multi-point lock, making it a bespoke offering.
PAS24:2012 is an accepted UK standard for external doors as it covers a range of enhanced tests including extremes of weather, security and acoustics. Also, the ironmongery used for the PAS24:2012 testing was Glutz which has an excellent reputation within the Architectural Ironmongery industry.
In addition, this product has been comprehensively tested and certified to EN14351-1 - which is the CE marking standard for external windows and doors - plus, the 98mm door blank is certified by the PassivHaus Institute in Darmstadt, Germany.

Steven Dennard, Group Door Manager for James Latham explained, “As the UK market comes to appreciate the impact that a more substantial and impressive front door has to the entrance of a dwelling, it is our strong belief that FERRO KlassikPlus will quickly become the door blank of choice for architects and specifiers looking for a product that is not only on-trend but, from a technical and security point of view, will consistently perform to an extremely high level.”
The list of technical features and benefits and certification for the FERRO KlassikPlus is impressive and this is particularly evidenced by the 10-year bowing guarantee which is down to Moralt's patented flat steel stabiliser running down the lock side of the door.  This is not something that could normally be achieved with a timber door because if the door bows it diminishes its weather, security and acoustic performance.

Finally, James Latham has also put the FERRO KlassikPlus into the BM Trada QMark Enhanced Security Door scheme.

This scheme - like the QMark fire door scheme - is recognised by architects and specifiers as one of the UK's best third party schemes for doors.  Entry into this scheme is possible only with, for example, PAS24 certification.

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