James Latham Supplies HI-MACS® for Ultra-Modern Car Dealership

Added 07.28.16

The exclusive distributor of HI-MACS® in the UK’s and Ireland, James Latham, recently supplied 100 sheets of HI-MACS® solid surface for the construction of Hyundai’s new Rockar dealership at Stratford.

HI-MACS® is an incredibly versatile material which can be worked in a similar way to wood, but can be applied to many types of building projects. The material is characterised by its flexibility, durability and low maintenance properties, inspiring interior designers and giving them the freedom to create distinctive designs that define spaces.

Elliot Mitchell of Dalziel and Pow design agency in London was commissioned by Hyundai and Rockar to create a dealership like no other.  The Rockar dealership moves away from traditional car sales with the absence of sales representatives. Customers are instead greeted with light open spaces and interactive touch screen table-tops which are full of car specifications.

HI-MACS® was selected for its elegance, functionality, technology and creative flexibility. The Hyundai specification required the material to have a light finish and give the appearance of being cut from one seamless, flowing piece across the entire project and, thanks to HI-MACS®, this was perfectly achieved by the design team.  The open plan layout of the store includes paths and walk ways that guide customers through the showroom, creating a sleek, uniform and polished look, which the architects’ and designers put down to the ease with which HI-MACS® can be manipulated, cut and worked.

Designer Elliot, who has previously worked with other James Latham materials, said: “Choosing HI-MACS® was an easy decision as it suits the application perfectly. Something like laminate would be very easy to fit but may not have the long-wearing properties that solid surface offers.  On the other hand, a material like ceramic tiles would be durable but too costly and time consuming. Having worked with James Latham before, I knew the build would be getting a high quality product and therefore a high quality finish.”

James Latham’s HI-MACS Specification Manager, Debbie Northall, said: “The Rockar dealership is a brilliant example of the numerous and varied applications that suit the versatility of HI-MACS. Plus, with vehicles being constantly manoeuvred within the building, having a durable, hard wearing material like HI-MACS will allow the showroom to be fully functioning at all times.”

The Stratford Hyundai Rockar project took a total of six-months to complete. The store is now open for business and is changing the way in which customers’ shop for cars.


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