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LG Hausys presents HI-MACS® limitless design possibilities at Retail Design Expo

Added 02.10.16

For the first time LG Hausys will be showcasing HI-MACS® at the Retail Design Expo 9-10 March 2016. Visit LG Hausys at stand Q9, designed by Archistudio Podrini and fabricated by Qubicle Solid Surface, and discover a world of possibilities with HI-MACS® – a solid surface material that can be thermoformed into any shape you desire.

Ideal for shop design as well as architectural and interior applications, such as sculptural and high performance wall-cladding, HI-MACS® brings you a modern acrylic stone that leaves nothing beyond the realms of possibility. Be it for interior or exterior design, this tactile, durable, non-porous, waterproof material combines aesthetics and functionality to meet your every criteria. And for those looking to make their mark on the corporate world, logos can be simply and easily applied to or cut into the material.

New to HI-MACS® is the recently launched LUCIA collection, boasting a subtle combination of depth and playful tone-on-tone colours. This new collection includes five colours: Ice Queen, Shadow Queen and Star Queen created by designer Marcel Wanders, plus Lentil and Red Quinoa. This range of colour, and countless combinations to experiment with, provides an opportunity to create enticing, distinctive projects that people never tire of admiring, and which achieve a truly bespoke look.

HI-MACS® is composed of natural minerals, acrylic and pigments that come together to provide a smooth, non-porous and visually seamless surface to help meet the highest standards for aesthetics, fabrication, functionality and hygiene. It is the sum of these parts that brings you a modern material that is far superior to other conventional materials, and which promises to stand the test of time.

Come and see them on Stand Q9.

Design concept: Archistudio Podrini Associati -

Fabrication: Qubicle Solid Surface -


HI-MACS® by LG Hausys


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HI-MACS® by LG Hausys

HI-MACS® is a solid surface material that can be moulded into any shape. It is widely used for architectural and interior applications, such as sculptural and high performance wall-cladding or kitchen, bathroom and furniture surfaces, in commercial, residential and public space projects. It is composed of acrylic, natural minerals and pigments that come together to provide a smooth, non-porous and visually seamless surface which meets the highest standards for aesthetics, fabrication, functionality and hygiene – offering manifold advantages over conventional materials.

HI-MACS® provides limitless possibilities for surfacing solutions and inspires creative minds from all over the world. Zaha Hadid, Jean Nouvel, Rafael Moneo, Karim Rashid and David Chipperfield, among others, have completed fabulous projects using HI-MACS®, from kitchens to bathrooms, including decorative items, in hotels as well as in museums, shopping centres and on external façades.

LG Hausys’ HI-MACS® uses a simple heating process to give three-dimensional thermoplastic forming capabilities, allows visually seamless designs, offers a virtually limitless range of colours and – for some shades - exhibits a special translucency when exposed to light. Although HI-MACS® is almost as robust as stone, it can be worked in a similar way as wood: it can be sawn, routed, drilled or sanded.

HI-MACS® is manufactured using a new generation technology, the thermal cure. The temperature reached during the manufacturing process sets HI-MACS® apart from other solid surfaces and creates a denser, even more homogeneous, sturdy, durable surface – with a better resistance and superior thermoforming performance.

As regards hygiene, HI-MACS® does not absorb humidity, is highly resistant to stains, and is easy to clean, maintain and repair.

Countless internationally recognized certificates attest to the quality of HI-MACS® in terms of ecological commitment, hygiene and fire resistance – being the first Solid Surface in the market to receive the official European Technical Approval (ETA) for façades – for Alpine White S728 colour.

HI-MACS® offers the longest warranty on the solid surface market with a 15-year warranty for products fabricated by a Quality Club Member.

HI-MACS® The New Generation

Inspired by Architecture

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* HI-MACS® is designed and produced by LG HAUSYS, a world leader in the technology sector belonging to LG Group, and distributed by LG HAUSYS EUROPE based in Frankfurt (Germany).


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