Promising Results for New Latham Door Project

Added 01.28.16

Working in partnership with door blank supplier Moralt and seal supplier Lorient Polyproducts, James Latham has announced promising results following acoustic testing of the Moralt FireSound 44mm door blank which attained dB40 for both glazed and unglazed variants in single door configurations.
The testing was conducted at Lorient’s purpose built, acoustic transmission facility in Newton Abbott which boasts the latest state-of-the-art testing technology including an indicative fire test furnace, cycling rigs, air and smoke leakage testing equipment, environmental chambers and an analytical laboratory.
Available exclusively through James Latham, the Moralt FireSound 44mm is a specialist door blank designed for high end applications which, as well as offering superior acoustic performance across a number of different door configurations, is also fire rated (BS 476 Pt.22) FD30 and is certified as single and double leaf with and without vision panels.  
Part of the TRADA Q-Mark Fire Door Manufacture scheme, the Moralt FireSound 44mm is also stocked as FSC certified.
Established more than 250 years ago, James Latham is the UK’s biggest independent distributor of timber and panel products and is the sole UK distributor of Moralt door blanks.  Lorient, who design and manufacture market leading, high performance door sealing systems, offer a variety of specialist testing services.
Steven Dennard, Group Door Manager for James Latham explained, “As the leading distributor of door blanks in the UK we work closely with our manufactures and suppliers to ensure that the products we are offering have been thoroughly tested and from a technical point of view, perform to their optimum level. “
He added, “This latest set of results gives our customers the added reassurance that they are specifying a product which is not only safe but is legal and fit for purpose.”

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