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Red Elm is on the menu at Itsu

Added 04.24.17

James Latham, the UK’s biggest independent distributor of timber and panel products, has recently supplied American Red Elm for the new concept booth seating found in Japanese restaurant ITSU.
The American Red Elm tables can now be found in ITSU outlets at Victoria, Camden, Heathrow T5 and Bristol.  And following the success of the new concept booth seating there are plans to re-fit more restaurants across the UK later in the year.
ITSU as a company pride themselves on providing “beautiful” high quality food, so it was imperative for them to find “beautiful” high quality materials to reflect their company ethos.  American Red Elm is known for its attractive appearance, boasting a smooth texture and distinctive visible grain so it was the perfect choice.  
However, American Red Elm was not only chosen for its aesthetic qualities but also its sustainability credentials as well as its hard-wearing attributes.
James Latham often recommended American Red Elm for furniture projects such as this due to its excellent shock resistance and flexible bending properties, enabling joiners and furniture makers to produce superior craftsmanship.
To add a modern twist to the traditional material, one of ITSU’s specifications for the booth area  incorporates USB chargers inside the wood so that customers can re-charge their phone with ease whilst enjoying a delicious, nutritious meal with friends.
Mitch Jackson, Timber Sales at Latham’s Leeds depot said “Our customer was delighted with the overall finish which American Red Elm created, these new concept booths really do stand out and give the ITSU restaurants the wow factor. 
“American Red Elm is great for furniture projects such as these as it is a light and porous species of wood.  Plus, as well as being fantastic at absorbing noise, which is useful in a busy restaurant such as ITSU, it is also resistant to moisture.  And with its elegant and distinctive finish showing visible grains, American Red Elm is simple to work with and stain, making it an ideal material for commercial dining tables such as these.”


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