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The Surface With a ‘WOW FACTOR’

Added 02.27.19

Serica - Decorative Laminate

James Latham has announced the arrival of SERICA, the latest addition to its exclusive, inspirational collection of AE Core decors.

What is AE Core?

AE Core is the innovative thermoplastic laminate, an alternative to conventional decorative materials which has been created specifically for the world of architecture and design.

AE Core’s flexibility means that it is easy to cut and will flex and form curves with very little resistance, plus, it can be post formed without specialist machinery. 

What is Serica?

Designed and manufactured in Italy by Alfatherm, the SERICA surface offers a warm, silky finish giving a real “WOW” effect both to the touch and the eye.

The on-trend, contemporary colour pallete incorporates solid colour right through to the core, so there are no unsightly joint lines and as well as being extremely durable, it is also water resistant and flame retardant.

Encompassing both anti-scratch and thermal healing technology, this super-matt, low-light reflectivity material is also anti-fingerprint and in the case of micro-scratches, SERICA can be easily repaired by simply using an iron or hair dryer to renovate the surface. (Please click here to see the SERICA video)

Because of the thermoformability of its polymeric foils, SERICA offers greater freedom of design, both in terms of surfaces (colour and printed decoration) as well as in a three-dimensional sense.

Alongside the SERICA collection, the stock range also includes wood grain finishes featuring Alfatherm’s pioneering and innovative EIR (Embossed-in-register) technology, bringing a reproduction closer to the look and feel of “real wood”, making them a perfect solution for kitchen doors and draw fronts, bathroom furniture, bedroom doors, living room furniture and even passage doors.

Serica Best Uses

Designed to cover all types of furnishings in the home, office and retail environments, it is also an excellent choice for exhibition contractors, plus the hospitality and healthcare sectors where a tougher surface material is often required.

The AE Core portfolio consists of 22 stock decors, 18 of which are in the SERICA surface finish, in a sheet size of 3050mm x 1300mm x 0.8mm.

For more information on this fantastic product and to order samples contact your local James Latham depot now.

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