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We've Launched our New Website!

Added 05.14.18

James Latham’s new website has been completely redesigned, making it easier for users to navigate and find the content they are after more quickly. 

As well as containing new and improved features and functionality, it also has a fresh look and feel as is now fully responsive, meaning that it is compatible with all types of devices, from mobile phones to laptops.

Group Marketing Co-ordinator Jo Seal, who has overseen the re-design explained, “Apart from the improved functionality, one of the first things users will notice is that we’ve made the website both mobile and tablet friendly. So, whether you’re using a smartphone, tablet, laptop, PC or Mac, the website will detect a visitor’s screen size and orientation and adapt its layout accordingly.

“This means that the Lathams website has become a lot more accessible on the move, it also means that Google is able to give the website a better ranking from an SEO perspective as well.”

The front-end user interface of the website has been completely redesigned to meet with contemporary standards and provide users with a more recognisable browsing experience in comparison to the ageing design of the current website that was designed with lower resolutions screens and older browser technology at its heart. Although a lot of the navigational architecture has remained, the redesign means that the website now has improved button work, easier to access tier page information, larger graphics for better legibility and improved navigational aids.

In addition, the 'Product' section on the website has been re-engineered to allow for larger images and more accessible links. On the final information pages, there is now a 'click to reveal' tab system in place so that the information for each product can be easily referenced without the user having to scroll too far down the page. The individual products also use a generic titling system now so it is easier to cross reference products and easier for Lathams staff to add content to the website within a set structure. Previously each product had its own individual structure which was difficult to maintain and hard for users to disseminate when browsing.

The site also benefits from a brand-new content management system (CMS) that allows Lathams to independently change and edit text and images across the website. Through the CMS, Lathams can also add, remove and edit all main product sections directly and the technology behind the suite will automatically update the main sitemap accordingly.

The site has also been improved from an optimisation point of view, this is essential as it means that the website is more visible to search engines such as Google. There is now more opportunity for using tools within the CMS to help with search engine optimisation, it also allows Lathams to manage important content including Keywords and meta data independently.

The site has been developed by web design consultancy Verto – 

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