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Siparila Topcoat® sidings is available in several profiles and a rich variety of stock colours.  Futhermore, the tongue and groove system allows for complete control over and flexibility in the pattern and design of your buildings façade.

A cleaner look with less material waste

Every Siparila Topcoat® siding peice is end-matched to allow for flexible joint placement.  Not being bound to stud placement during installation ultimately decreases the material loss by 5% to 10% resulting in a competitive advantage for the installer.  End-matched profiles also increase the sidings durability as every end-match is tight, strong and stable due to the extra thick profiles.  Additionally, each piece is painted on all sides, which, when tightly fastened to another, creates an invisiable seam that will not interrupt the pattern of your design.

Easier material calculations

Siparila Topcoat® fixed-length siding helps installers calculate the amount of the siding required for a project more precisely as there is no need to estimate yield from random lengths. The siding arrives packed in bundles containing the exact number of pieces, ensuring the accuracy of materials at hand.

Faster installation

With Siparila Topcoat® siding, installers do not have to contend with random or short length pieces. This makes installation easier and faster while mitigating damage by eliminating the need to sort the siding on site. Longer, fixed lengths also help installers plan the placement of each joint beforehand.

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High quality surface treatment with 15 year warranty

Siparila Topcoat® wood siding does not require further treatment once at the work site thanks to our excellent wood processing expertise combined with a revolutionary paint technology that is applied in a controlled, modern factory environment. This efficiency saves painting cost and speeds the building process. The moisture, air temperature, and the paint application is monitored at all times during manufacturing, resulting in top class finish that will withstand even the most challenging outdoor conditions! The quality of our wood fibre and paint ensures that there is no need to repaint for the duration of Siparila’s 15 year warranty.

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