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Cellulose is a major structural ingredient of wood but it is also a major food source for several different insects and decay fungi and makes a great shelter for others, too. Rot causes wood to degrade - particularly when it is used outdoors and exposed to moisture - limiting its service life.

Thanks to the acetylation technology pioneered by Accsys Technologies, Accoya wood offers you an environmentally compatible, durable wood that can be used with confidence in outdoor applications and will last for many, many years.

Applications like decking, where the wood is frequently wet and close to or in contact with the ground, demand a durable wood that is an effective mould and insect barrier. Acetylation has been shown to significantly improve performance against brown rot, white rot and soft rot. Accoya wood has also proven to be an effective barrier to wood destroying insect damage in multiple field tests and laboratory trials undertaken in many locations in the world. This includes tests with multiple species of termites.

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In specifying decking, jetties and pontoons, beauty, strength and all-weather performance are important. A dimensionally stable material that will stay flat and has very minimal bow, cup, warp and split and will not be affected by fungi or rot is desirable. It is also important that the wood is non-toxic and therefore safe for people and animals. Accoya wood meets these requirements.

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* Statement: Manufacturers Warranty Covers Replacement Material but only if manufacturers recommended instructions are followed

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UV Stability & Coatings

Accoya wood has superior resistance to UV degradation, with extensive tests demonstrating that the natural beauty of the wood lasts longer in even the severest exposed conditions. UV resistance of wood improves the life of any coating by providing a sound coating substrate. It also allows a wider range of feasible colour options. For example, very light pastel coloured stains and clear coatings can be safely used because Accoya will not darken quickly and ruin the effect as most other woods do.

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