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ProFi Fence

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As strong as it is beautiful, UPM ProFi Fence provides the perfect frame to any outdoor space. UPM ProFi Design and Classic range decking boards form the panels and are combined with a high quality post and rail component system.

Features - Protective WPC Fence:

Ultralow Maintenance
UPM ProFi Fence offers elegant protection from weather and unwanted eyes providing a wonderful finishing to any outdoor living space. Anodised aluminium profiles ensure an extremely stylish and ultra-low maintenance fence.

Meets European Wind Load Standards
UPM ProFi Fence has been designed to meet European wind load standards.

Spans up to 2m
Due to the strength of the construction, WPC Fence panel spans of up to 2 m are possible.

Fits all UPM ProFi Decking Range
The WPC Fence system fits to all UPM ProFi decking range: UPM ProFi Deck and UPM ProFi Lifecycle.

Complete System
The UPM ProFi Fence system allows for flexibility of design and construction. The height of the WPC Fence can be tailored during installation, and the posts are engineered for both 90 and 180 degree panel construction. Design elements let in light and add to the design.

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