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60 Minute Fire Door by Latham Timber

Fire Doors

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Mostly classified to BS476-22 or EN1634-1 (the current European standard) with generally a 30 or 60 minute  (FD30, FD60) but sometimes a 90 or 120 minute rating. This means that the door, when used correctly and in accordance with the test evidence or global assessment, can achieve a rating of either 30 or 60 minutes (or 90, 120) resistance before fire breaches the door set.

Door blanks are tested in extreme conditions and heat – please email [email protected] with any technical questions.
Within the test evidence and/or global assessment there is clear guidance on a number of areas regarding the completed door set, including:

  • Permitted door leaf sizes

  • Sizes of side and overpanels

  • Classification and dimensions of glazing

  • Door configurations, ie. single or double doors

  • Whether the doorset is single or double-acting

  • Rebate or meeting stile details

  • Dimensions and types of approved door frames

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