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FSC Certified Timber by Latham Timber

WoodEx® Sandwich Panels

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Solid Timber Sandwich Panels


  • Available in a range of species

  • Full sheet sizes or made to measure

  • Perfect for the manufacturing of raised and fielded panels for both internal and external doors

  • Also ideal for tongued and grooved and flush panelled doors

  • FSC® and PEFC Certified

Species :

Sapele     Red Grandis    Pine Redwood

Solid Oak     

* Also available in Tricoya MDF and Accoya

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Product information

Using WoodEx Sandwich Panels

WoodEx Sandwich Panels

When using the sandwich panel please make sure an adequate gap is all around the board when fitted into the rebate. The board although engineered for performance is still solid timber on the faces and can still expand with moisture ingress and shrink with moisture loss.

Please make sure all faces and edges are fully sealed with the recommended amount of coats

If you are grooving the boards into the face please make sure at least 3mm of solid timber remains and fully seal the grooves as this is exposed grain.

Please keep the boards in your warehouse before use as they are sensitive to moisture ingress and loss. We will deliver them with a protective wrapping on them but please make sure these are always kept covered in storage. If possible they need to be processed in a controlled atmosphere

Here are some suggestions on fitting

The gap needs to be a minimum of 4mm all round, with the grain running vertically.

Fixing method will depend on externally glazed or internally glazed.

If externally beaded then the top and bottom should be packed as the width will move. The beads will need sealing with an external grade flexible adhesive and either silicone sealed or caulked with the adhesive and over painted.

Internally beaded will also need the adhesive seal between rebate and panel making sure there are no gaps to the face. The internal bead will need a special security clip for PAS24 or if pinned this will need bonding to the panel but will not meet PAS24.

They can also be tongued into the heads, bottom rail and stiles and allow a gap of at least 4mm for expansion

Don’t screw a panel in place as this will cause distortion if movement occurs. Silicone and a compressible packer can work here instead. You can also use a glazing clip system to hold in place.


Product Information

Construction & Sheet Size



  • Outstanding durability

  • Consistent quality throughout

  • UV resistant

  • Dimensionally stable

  • Retained strength & hardness

  • Naturally insulating

  • Insect barrier

  • Perfect for coating

  • Naturally beautiful wood

  • From sustainable sources

  • Excellent machinability

  • Non-toxic & recyclable



  • Doors

  • Windows

  • Interior fittings

  • Furniture

  • Thermal Insulation

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