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WoodEx® Engineered Accoya Insulated Timber Panels

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Benefits of using WoodEx® Engineered Accoya Insulated Timber Panels:

  • The lower lambda values that Accoya wood posses enable an improved lower U value in the finished panel product.

  • Perfect for the manufacturing of raised and fielded panels for both internal and external doors, whilst also being ideal for tongued and grooved and flush panelled doors.

  • Accoya offers a great deal of advantages over competing materials including dimensional stability, less movement and improved coatings life.

  • Accoya shrinks and swells less than other timber.

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  • Outstanding durability

  • Consistent quality throughout

  • UV resistant

  • Dimensionally stable

  • Retained strength & hardness

  • Naturally insulating

  • Insect barrier

  • Perfect for coating

  • Naturally beautiful wood

  • From sustainable sources

  • Excellent machinability

  • Non-toxic & recyclable


45mm x 2100 x 900

  • Constituent elements
       - 14mm Accoya
       - 17mm PUR
       - 14mm Accoya

  • U value
       - 1.1 U-Value (W/m2K)

  • Weight
       - 15kg/m2

28mm x 2100 x 900

  • Constituent elements
       - 6mm Accoya
       - 16mm PUR
       - 6mm Accoya

  • U value
       - 1.3 U-Value (W/m2K)

  • Weight
       - 6.5kg/m2

The panels highlighted above are currently in stock and other bespoke sizes are available upon request.

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