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Sycamore Wood by Latham Timber


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Botanical Name: Acer pseudoplatanus

Colour white to creamy white with a silky lustre, which tends to darken to a pale golden brown.  There is no distinction between the heartwood and the sapwood.  It has a straight grain with a fine uniform texture and is hard, but not durable.  It works easily to give an excellent smooth finish.

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Imperial Measure.
End racked and kiln dried, available in thicknesses of 25mm-100mm, with boards and planks sawn through and through/one square edge, in lengths of 1.8m and longer and widths of 150mm and wider.
Metric Measure 25mm-50mm thickness.

Applications & Uses

Cabinet making, furniture manufacture, good quality joinery work, turnery and kitchen utensils.

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