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Sycamore Wood by Latham Timber


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Botanical Name: Acer pseudoplatanus

Colour white to creamy white with a silky lustre, which tends to darken to a pale golden brown.  There is no distinction between the heartwood and the sapwood.  It has a straight grain with a fine uniform texture and is hard, but not durable.  It works easily to give an excellent smooth finish.

Product information


Imperial Measure.
End racked and kiln dried, available in thicknesses of 25mm-100mm, with boards and planks sawn through and through/one square edge, in lengths of 1.8m and longer and widths of 150mm and wider.
Metric Measure 25mm-50mm thickness.

Applications & Uses

Cabinet making, furniture manufacture, good quality joinery work, turnery and kitchen utensils.

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