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James Latham is the UK's largest stockist and distributor of the Horizon range of North American sawn lumber products.

As well as its standard range of finest-quality sawn square-edged lumber and LOG-INTACT™ material, Horizon is also able to offer bespoke cutting to customer's requirements, for example, quarter sawn 50mm Walnut.

Because Horizon assesses each log before processing, it also boasts an impressive inventory of unique, prized sections of wood which will appeal to the most discerning furniture maker. 

If you are frequently processing North American hardwoods and get frustrated with the lack of consistency in the material, please contact one of James Latham’s knowledgeable and highly experienced timber specialists at your depot to discuss our Horizon range and what it might be able to offer you.

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  • American White Oak, Square Edge: 21mm, 27mm, 34mm, 40mm

  • Waney Edge, Walnut: 21mm, 27mm, 34mm, 40mm, 52mm, 65mm, 80mm, 100mm

  • American Oak LOG-INTACT™: 27mm, 34mm

  • Cherry Square Edge: 27mm, 40mm, 52mm
  • Ash Square Edge: 27mm, 34mm, 40mm, 52mm, 65mm, 80mm, 100mm

  • Maple Square Edge: 27mm

  • Red Oak: 26mm

Please contact us for non-stock items.

Horizon supply all products to James Latham in metric sizes, allowing our customers a little bit extra on thickness.  Considering the care taken in kilning and the flatness of the boards, this often means a saving in production, for example, there is no problem achieving a 22mm finish from a 27mm Horizon product.

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