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At James Latham we have invested a lot of time and money in developing our knowledge of the complex North American lumber market.  By sending our sales staff to visit key suppliers and facilities in the United States, and engaging with the American Hardwood Export Council and the National Hardwood and Lumber Association with regards grading and species availability, we believe that we are in the best position to offer our customer the finest advice with regards to their American hardwood requirements.

American White Oak

When buying American white oak, it is crucial to buy the correct material for the job.  In order to maximise yield it is important to look beyond the m3 price. The origin of the raw material, the mill processing it, the grade and specification are all vital to maximise yield and minimise waste.

Through our extensive supply chain and unrivalled history we are able to offer a range of standard products as well as material from specialist mills such as Augusta, Horizon and Wagner.

For our discerning kitchen and cabinet makers, we even stock quarter sawn material and log intact packs, which are sequentially numbered to allow book matching of solid timber.

Our super prime oak is unique in the UK market, and provides almost defect free oak, which can rival European material in its quality, texture and appearance.


Not all tulipwood is made equal! An abundant species in the United States this staple timber for low cost painted hardwood is extensively used in the UK.  Again, after many years of developing this species, we have established relationships with key mills in the US.  The majority of our stock comes from the Blue Ridge mountain’s, giving even colour, texture and consistency.  We can offer material from further South for price sensitive customers and from our key suppliers at the foothills of the Blur Ridge Mountains we can offer a range of strips, wide specifications, lengths up to 6 metres and even a 25mm selected “white” product.

For customers where stability is paramount, it is important to avoid the rapidly kilned commercial material on the market.  Instead ask us for our prime finesse material which is reconditioned at the end of the kilning cycle for improved stability and reduced movement.

Other species

As with Oak and tulipwood, we are also very careful with where we procure our other North American species from.  The quality and characteristics of Ash, Maple, Cherry and Walnut are all relative to the area of origin and the mills that process them, from log, through cutting, kilning and grading.  We always focus on the quality of the lumber and the yield it will give our customer.  From white, slow grain Ash, to clean white maple, rich, luxurious cherry and beautiful, even, clear walnut we have the right product for our customers in our portfolio. 

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