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Black Walnut

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FAS 1 FACE SE Kiln Dried

Botanical Name: Juglans nigra

The colour varies from a light grey-brown to a chocolate brown to purplish brown, and finishes beautifully with an excellent decorative appearance due to its outstanding grain, colour and pattern.  Grain patterns vary from very plain to highly figured.

FSC® stock available on request.

Super Prime also available - See Grading below.

    Small                 Excellent            Excellent

 Moderate              660kg/m3

** For symbol explanation see 'Timber Terminology' below

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Product information


Average length 2.4n
Range 1.8m to 4.5m

Average width 175mm
Range 100mm to 300mm



American Black Walnut grading varies from other North American species.  For full details regarding specifications, please see the AHEC website or contact your local depot.

We offer American Black Walnut in Super Prime Grade, selected to a very high specification and available exclusively via ourselves.

The NHLA grades have been altered for this species because of availability and nature of the timber growth (around 1% of the standing forest resource).  The FAS lumber grade allows a 125mm minimum width and 1.8m minimum length.  When steamed, the sapwood, which is not considered a defect, will turn a darker colour to assist blending in the finishing process and is admitted without limit.

Applications & Uses

Widely used for cabinet making, high quality joinery doors and shopfitting.

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