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pRaL® Exterior Laminate

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pRaL® is an extraordinary artificial material obtained by combining a natural mineral and an acrylic polymer. Its essence lies in its beauty, colour, pliability, functionality and extraordinary tactile properties.

pRaL® does not imitate existing materials. It has its own character that can satisfy every design need. Designers simply need to choose from a broad range of colours.

pRaL® is made with coloured paste, meaning that the colour spans the entire thickness and not just the surface. Unlike other materials, pRaL® is not cold – it is warm, soft and tender to touch. However, do not be deceived by its “softness” – pRaL® has excellent surface resistance to wear.

Pliability, lack of joints, lightness, resistance, hygiene and beauty – no designer can do without this highly performing material.
pRaL® maintenance is easy and cleaning is not a problem; it is available even in very small quantities with colours customised according to the customer’s wishes.

The pRaL® Exterior version retains all the product features, as well as being resistant to atmospheric agents and UV rays.

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