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With the production of laminates, Xylocleaf offers the furniture industry increasingly high performance and complete alternatives that compliment its range of products, guaranteeing greater strength and versatility.  The range of laminated surfaces reflects the company’s in-depth stylistic research and variety of patterns and colours, which can co-exist with faced materials in interior design projects, meeting important technical requirements and needs.
Xylocleaf laminates are produced in sheets and made of a decorative paper, impregnated with melamine resin.  It has plastic properties and it is supported by kraft paper, impregnated with special thermosetting resins.  CHPL laminates are available  in the following types (specifications inaccordance with Standard EN438-1):

  • VGS (Vertical Grade Standard) recommended for vertical use.  Standard thickness 0.8mm

  • VGP (Vertical Grade Postforming) recommended for vertical use.  Standard thickness 0.6mm

  • HGS (Horizontal Grade Standard) recommended for horizontal use.  Standard thickness 0.8mm

  • HGP (Horizontal Grade Postforming) recommended for horizontal use.  Standard thickness 0.6mm

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  • 1310mm


  • From 2440mm x to 5600mm

Finishes & Textures


  • Matt

  • Semi

  • Gloss


  • Flat

  • Textured

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