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The HONEXT® Panel is the next-generation fibreboard, which is fully recyclable, non-toxic and entirely made from upcycled waste fibres. HONEXT® uses the sludge waste from paper mills as the main raw material. EU paper mills generate more than 8 million tons of this waste every year, which eventually ends up in landfill. The factory itself is also based on a landfill site.

With competitive mechanical and thermodynamic properties, it is ideal for interior use. The HONEXT® Boards have no added VOCs, they are Cradle to Cradle Certified® Gold and Material Health Gold level in version 4.0. They have greater sound absorption properties than traditional building materials and they are resistant to moisture, water vapor and fire. The HONEXT® Board is made from 100% upcycled waste fibres with no resins or added VOCs and is certified Euroclass B-s1,d0, the highest flame retardancy level for a fibreboard without any toxic chemicals added, making it unique in its category. The HONEXT® Boards are certified as Circular by design and a carbon-negative solution, safe and healthy for both humans and the planet.

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Outstanding Sustainability Profile

HONEXT® is guided by Circular Economy principles. The HONEXT® Panel’s outstanding sustainability profile comes from the raw material sourcing, the unique manufacturing process and the end-of-life solutions that it allows. HONEXT® Boards are certified as Circular by design.


The raw materials are waste fibres from paper mill primary sludge and post-consumer cardboard waste.


The HONEXT® Industrial Process gives a new life to waste fibres by upcycling, giving them a new long and recyclable cycle.


The waste fibres are sourced and processed in the area where they are generated, this reduces the environmental impact of transport.


The HONEXT® Board is officially certified as carbon-negative by the EPD. The HONEXT® Process, integrated into a landfill, operates sustainably, powered entirely by 100% renewable energy. The HONEXT® Factory's electricity comes from renewable sources, and we derive biogas from a waste treatment plant.

According to the Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) in stages A1-A4, the

carbon footprint is roughly -650 kg CO2 per cubic meter of HONEXT®.


The HONEXT® Boards are Circular by design, without the use of resins or toxic chemicals. Achieving C2C Certified Material Health CertificateTM Gold Level version 4.0 demonstrates that it is possible to create fully circular materials, made from waste, and exceed environmental health and safety standards. The GOLD level for Material Health in version 4.0 introduces more rigorous regulations and enhanced quality controls for the diverse components involved throughout a product’s manufacturing process.


Once logistical frameworks are in place, The HONEXT® Process also allows for the recyclability of the HONEXT® Boards.

Competitive Sustainable, Thermodynamic and Mechanical Performance

The HONEXT® Panel is a next-generation fibreboard, non-toxic and entirely made from upcycled waste fibres, with competitive mechanical and thermodynamic properties for applications in the interior built environment:


Due to the origin of its raw material, its low environmental impact in manufacturing, use and end-of-life solutions allowing for recyclability, the HONEXT® Board has achieved an overall Cradle to Cradle Certified® Gold Certification. It also holds a Material Health Gold level in version 4.0, with an EPD verifying that the HONEXT® Process is carbon-negative and Circular by design It lowers the carbon footprint of buildings where it is applied which increases LEED and BREEAM credits.


It has no added emissions of VOCs or hazardous substances, like formaldehyde. It is certified under LEED and BREEAM standards as well as by the Cradle2Cradle Institute with the Material Health Gold level version 4.0.


The HONEXT® Board has a lower density than most fibreboards. The lightness eases the installation in all applications, as well as improves the following properties: thermal conductivity, vapour permeability and acoustic performance. Current density:  580-650 kg/m3.


The material provides a good thermal insulation. Specially in wall and ceiling applications, it avoids heat transfer, improving the thermal inertia of the spaces.

Thermal conductivity: 0,093 W/m·K


The material also has an increased vapour permeability. When applied as wall cladding or ceilings, it makes the spaces less watertight, preventing moisture concentration.

Vapour permeability: 2,7μ


The material provides a good acoustic absorption. Specially when applied as wall cladding or ceilings, it improves the acoustic performance of the spaces.

Acoustic absorption: 0,15 αw


The HONEXT® Board has a fire reaction certification of Euroclass B-s1,d0. Non-toxic additives are added to improve the fire reaction


The HONEXT® Panel represents a new class of panel product. It can be installed using existing panel handling and installation methods, and it offers a unique sustainability profile supporting architectural standards as well as all applications for the interior built environment.


The HONEXT® Panel can be cut, drilled and sanded using standard equipment and processes. The tools and fastening systems are common to those used for wood-based panels. Refer to the Processing and Installation Manual for detailed information.


HONEXT® Boards can be finished with all decorative applications for the aesthetics and performance qualities desired for final applications. They can also be laminated and combined with other materials using common production techniques.


HONEXT® Board have a wide range of applications in the interior built environment; they can be used for shop fitting, as wall cladding and ceilings, ephemeral projects and in joinery and furniture parts.

HONEXT® Panel Properties

The HONEXT® Board are Cradle to Cradle Certified® GOLD, as well as the Material Health CertificateTM Gold Level version 4.0. This is a significant achievement for a recyclable, flame-retardant building material made from upcycled industrial fibres from the paper industry.

Sound absorption

Good sound absorption compared to other MD fibreboards.

Moisture resistant

Resistant to moisture and water vapour - indoor conditions.

Fire retardant

The HONEXT® Board available in the UK is Euroclass B-s1,d0.


No added formaldehyde nor other volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

Light & Flexible

Thermal Insulation

Thermal insulation is better than traditional fibreboards.

Long Lasting

Durability of at least 25 years in use, certified by the CE marking. *CE marking expected by 2024

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