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SMARTPLY OSB3 T&G is a strong, versatile structural board suitable for use in humid conditions (Service Class 1 & 2).

Manufactured to the same exacting standards as SMARTPLY OSB but with the addition of tongue and grooved edges.

Ideal for numerous load bearing applications such as roofing and flooring. 

SMARTPLY OSB3 T&G along with all other SMARTPLY products carries the FSC certification and CE Mark.


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  • 2440 x 1205 – T&G2

  • 2397 x 1200 – T&G2

  • 2440 x 1197 – T&G4

  • 2400 x 600 – T&G4


  • 12.5mm – T&G2 only

  • 12mm – T&G4 only

  • 15mm / 18mm / 22mm


SMARTPLY OSB3 T&G is suitable for roofing and flooring applications in humid conditions (Service Class 1 & 2).

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