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OSB Ply by Latham Timber


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SMARTPLY ULTIMA is an extremely high-performance engineered wood panel (OSB4) suitable for the most demanding structural applications in offsite manufacturing and construction.

This high strength panel is stronger and more moisture resistant than OSB3 with a high load bearing capacity and consistent surface.  Free of added formaldehyde and fully certified, it also performed very well on our carbon calculator, so it’s a great option when it comes to environmental targets too.

Due to the increased strength and rigidity it is an ideal panel for use when longer spans or higher than standard loads are expected such as flooring or roofing.

Available in standard sizes, with the ability to produce large panels up to 2.8m wide by 7.5m long and to a maximum thickness of 40mm, manufacturing tolerances are kept very tight, meaning consistency and repeatability for factory-based construction methods.

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