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OSB Sitecoat

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Sterling OSB has been used for site hoarding across the UK for more than two decades.

Our new SterlingOSB Sitecoat board further improves SterlingOSB durability for usage as hoarding and reduces the time and expense that installers and end-users incur while installing it.  Because it is factory primed and filled, it makes it easier and more economical for building contractors to apply their logos and other marketing information onto the hoardings. 

SterlingOSB Sitecoat is readily available compared to plywood because it is manufactured in the UK.  In addition, it is more environmentally friendly than plywood too because of the materials we use, the way we manufacture it and the number of miles clocked up transporting it.

Key Features:

  • OSB3 square edged panel factory primed with eco-friendly non-solvent coating that fills and smoothes the surface

  • Ready primed on one or both sides - ready for painting and/or application of site graphics

  • Choice of colour for primer

  • Improved durability over untreated plywood or OSB

  • Standard fixing & woodworking methods reduce installation time

  • Plus all the inherent benefits of SterlingOSB

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  • Primer coated hoarding ready for paint or site graphics

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