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WISA Birch Premium

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S/BB Finnish Birch Throughout – EN636-2  EN314-2  Class 3

WISA-Birch Premium is the perfect choice when a beautiful, light visual look is desired without compromising good strength properties. It makes a good base for different surface treatments such as lacquering, varnishing and wood staining. It is therefore ideal used for visually demanding applications and end uses, such as furniture and interior lining applications.  PEFC Certified and CE Marked.

WISA-Birch Premium is manufactured from birch veneers glued together in a cross-banded construction. WISA-Birch Premium is with surface veneer grain in short dimension. 

Weather resistant gluing according to EN 314-2 class 3 Exterior or interior gluing according to EN 314-2 class 1 Interior. WISA-Birch Premium fulfills the requirements of EN 13986 E1 low formaldehyde emission class.


  • Stylish and sustainable

  • Strong and light

  • Naturally beautiful

  • Wide size and thickness range available with strict tolerances

  • PEFC certified

  • Meets E1 formaldehyde emission requirements (EN 120:1992)

End Uses:

  • Furniture

  • Interior linings


WISA products are manufactured in Europe according to the strictest sustainability principles. By choosing WISA, our customers can have the confidence that their plywood and veneer come only from legal sources and conform to all relevant standards and regulations, including the European Union Timber Regulation (EUTR). UPM leads the integration of bio and forest industries into a sustainable future characterised by innovation, responsibility and resource efficiency.

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Product information



  • 1220 x 2440

Thicknesses and Weights

Nominal Thickness (mm) Number of Plies Min Max Weight (kg/m2) abt
6.5 5 6.1 6.9 4.4
9 7 8.8 9.5 6.1
12 9 11.5 12.5 8.2
15 11 14.3 15.3 10.2
18 13 17.1 18.1 12.2
21 15 20.0 20.9 14.3
24 17 22.9 23.7 16.3
27 19 25.2 26.8 18.4
30 21 28.1 29.9 20.4

* Also available in 1525 x 3050

Bonding & Surface


Weather resistant gluing according to EN 314-2 class 1 Exterior or interior gluing according to EN 314-2 class 1 Interior.


Face veneer quality Premium.
Surface BB fo reverse side.

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