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Lumin Softwood Plywood Panels

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Lumin is a sustainable plywood product derived from plantation grown pine and eucalyptus trees. Backed by the long-term vision of Weyerhaeuser, Lumin is cultivated according to well-managed forestry practices and offers excellent performance, aesthetic, and environmental benefits. 

CCX PTS – CE Structural EN13986 EN636-2S EN314-2 Class 3

CDX – CE Structural EN13986 EN636-2S EN314-2 Class 3

Our Lumin Plywood can be manufactured using Eucalyptus and/or Pine veneers.  This product still meets EN636-2S.

15mm also available in limited quantities.

Please note, we can offer FSC® Lumin Plywood at a small premium in some items.

Where is LUMIN produced?

Located outside the small town of Tacuarembó in the north central region of Uruguay, the Uruply S.A. plywood mill operates in a diverse landscape of forest, agriculture, and grazing lands. The mill also includes a biomass energy plant and seedling nursery, and has twice been recognized as “Projects of National Interest” in Uruguay.


LUMIN processes 500,000 tons of wood a year and uses virtually 100% of each log. The logs are processed into veneers to make plywood panels and wood residuals are then converted into fuel for the conditioning and drying processes. This is all completed on a sustainable basis that includes planting millions of seedlings a year - always planting more than are harvested.

This approach allows us to meet a worldwide demand for plywood using highly productive forestland, while retaining more carbon than previous land uses. LUMIN is a product based on more than 100 years of forestry expertise.

Why specify LUMIN?

• LUMIN plywood manufactured using logs grown on sustainable plantations
• PEFC and CE2+ Certified
• Structurally tested for a wide range of construction applications
• Range of grades to suit performance and aesthetic requirements
• Supplied through a network of carefully chosen partners
• Underpinned by the LUMIN brand and values
• EUTR Compliant
• CARB Exempt

Specifying LUMIN gives peace of mind when it comes to building regulation and sustainable compliance.

Product information


CCX PTS – CE Structural EN13986 EN636-2S EN314-2 Class 3


  • 2440 x 1220


  • 12mm / 15mm /  18mm

CDX – CE Structural EN13986 EN636-2S EN314-2 Class 3


  • 2440 x 1220


  • 12mm / 15mm / 18mm



  • Construction

  • Cabinetry/shelving

  • Industrial

  • Transportation

  • Underlayment                      

  • Factory and warehouse floors

  • Doors and door surfaces     

  • Furniture/millwork

  • Packaging                            

  • Special containers

  • Riser/stair treads                  

  • Displays/exhibits

  • Sheathing                             

  • Billboards

  • Box van and trailer bodies   

  • Truck and trailer floors

  • Toys

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