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WISA Spruce Floor Panels

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WISA-Sprucefloor is a sustainable, purpose made plywood panel specifically designed for flooring.Unique to the UK market, it is used in house building, light industrial construction and commercial applications.

Lightweight panels with a T&G profile in size 2400 mm x 600 mm and 18 mm and 22 mm thicknesses are easy to install in all joisted or floating floor applications.

The panels are tongued and grooved on all four sides making installation and use easy and effortless. It is ideal for structural and load bearing applications.

Its greatest merits are the same as all WISA products’: strength, stability, superior surface quality and easy installation. The panels’ face surface is UPMs’ superior grade G, with no open defects, and the panel is thoroughly sanded on both faces.

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Quality Grade G in accordance with standard EN635-3, solid surface with no open defects (improved grade II)


  • 2400 x 600


  • 18mm / 22mm

Wisa Spruce tongued and grooved panels in size 2400/2440 x 1200/1220 available to order.

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