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Hardwood Surfaces

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Hardwood worktops can completely transform your kitchen, provide an attractive, durable surface for years to come.  They gain even more character and aesthetic appeal as they age and with a little regular maintenance, they can last a lifetime.  Plus, wood is naturally resistant to bacteria and a hardwood worktop can harbour less bacteria than some other surfaces.

Each type of wood gives your room a different look and feel.



Using an Oak Splashback naturally extends the surface vertically, which is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Using an Oak Splashback is an ideal method of finishing your kitchen and is far quicker and easier than traditional tiling.

However, with an Oak Splashback, you also have the ability to easily hang utensils, create additional shelving and many other subtle features.

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The most popular species at the moment, its subtle grain character, fine markings and golden undertones adds an air of warmth  to any kitchen.


Light in colour and can look great in more modern properties.  The trend for European style kitchens is perfectly complimented with a beech worktop.


An exciting new concept in work surfaces.  Bamboo is extremely durable and stable, but with an obvious air of quality and warmth, its natural moisture resistant qualities make it ideal for both bathrooms and kitchens.


A rich, dark exotic wood that contrasts beautifully with today's lighter kitchen styles, producing an air of classical elegance and sophistication.


Less common, but steadily gaining popularity due to its more unique appearance.  Sharing the same golden undertones as the ever popular Oak, but with a lot more character.

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