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AcryBright™ Acrylic

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Personal Protected Screens

The cell casted acrylic sheets AcryBright™ are naturally designed to provide the optimised alternative to glass and other thermoplastics in glazing applications.

Lightweight optimum light transmission, along with excellent optical clarity and good rigidity, AcryBright™ is the must-have glazing sheet for personal protective screens.  Easy to fabricate and install with excellent in-service durability.  AcryBright™ is the ultimate choice of transparent sheet material to provide protection for retail workers, counter and reception staff in stores, hotels, as well as office environments.

Bright and Transparent

AcryBright™ boasts a light transmission of g2% (even better than glass) along with superior optical clarity to other thermoplastic sheets, giving the best overall performance in transparent glazing applications.

Safely Durable

Not only does AcryBright™'s good rigidity make it an obvious choice for screen applications, its superior chemical resistance and good surface hardness offer greater durability in service, withstanding cleaning regimes over and over and still maintaining its optical clarity.  And should there be an accidental scratch, it can be refurbished with a polish back to a gloss finish.


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Product information


Size :

  • 1210 x 2430mm

  • 2050 x 3050mm

Thickness :

  • 3mm

  • 4mm

  • 5mm

  • 6mm

  • 8mm


AcryBright™ is easily fabricated using standard equipment and its high molecular weight ensures it withstands some of the harshest handling witout impacting its in-service performance - it can be routered, saw cut, CNC'd, drilled, etched, thermoformed, diamond polished and even laser cut.

Its polythylene masking will keep the high gloss surface finish protected right through the fabrication process to final installation.  On top of that, its light weight, relative to glass, ensures it is safer and easier to install.

Technical Properties

Technical Properties of AcryBright™

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