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KYDEX® 3D thermoplastic laminates give designers the ability to incorporate compound corners and contoured edges, logos and wire management holes whilst eliminating unsightly seams and the need for edge banding typically associated with HPL/TFM surfaces.  Its high impact resistance minimizes costly maintenance associated with the other membrane pressed and flat laminates.

Available in Extreme Durability (XD), Extreme Durability with Antimicrobial Product Protection (XD MB) and Wood Grain (XDWG) product grades.

  • Tough stains, scuffs, and graffiti can be removed from KYDEX® surfaces using strong cleansers with no staining, fading, or surface damage.

  • No other thermoplastic sheet stands up to impact, scratching, and gouging like KYDEX® sheet.

  • KYDEX® sheet offers unprecedented design and manufacturing flexibility since numerous grades are available to provide properties and certified ratings required for specialized applications.

  • KYDEX® sheet is also available in a range of standard colours, realistic wood grains and metallics.  Custom colours and a diversity of designs are also available to enhance virtually any commercial, retails or institutional styling theme.

  • Also available in solid colours and a wide range of finishes and textures.

  • Suitable for use in aircraft interiors, mass transit vehicle interior components, equipment housing, medical products, kiosk housing, shopfitting and various display applications.

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Product information

Product Grade Comparison

KYDEX® 3D Laminate product grade comparison:


  • Extreme durability

  • Low minimum order quantities for custom colours

  • Deep draws due to high extensibility

  • Available in multiple textures


  • Available in 12 wood grains

  • Substrate colour matched to wood grain

  • Can be sold by the sheet

  • All designs have matching vinyl film


KYDEX® 3D Laminates compared with HPL:


  • Fractures and chips

  • Unable to form to curved surfaces and complex shapes requiring seams

  • Loses colour integrity even with shallow scratches


  • Resists gouges / Extreme durability

  • Able to seamlessly form to complex shapes and draw over deep recesses

  • Integral colour reduces visibility of surface scratches

Applications & Uses


  • Aircraft Interiors

  • Displays

  • In-Store Fitting

  • Permanent Signs

  • Aircraft Seating

  • Exhibitions

  • Machine Guards

  • Surface Protection

  • Control Panel Overlays

  • In-Store Fabrication

  • Point of Sale

  • Vacuum Formings

  • Tabletops

  • Logo and Trademark Panels

  • Workstations

  • Door and Drawer Fascias

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