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North American Softwoods by Latham Timber

Quebec Yellow Pine

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Kiln Dried 10%-12% Average

Botanical Name: Pinus strobus

Also known as Eastern White Pine, the heartwood is a pale straw colour to light reddish-brown shade, usually little darker than the whitish sapwood.  It is a soft, straight-grained and very even textured wood with inconspicuous growth rings.  Second-growth timber is of a coarser texture and tends to be knotty.  This is a highly stable timber with very low shrinkage, although it can pick up and give off moisture.

    Small                 Excellent             Good

Non Durable        370kg/m3

** For symbol explanation see 'Timber Terminology' below

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Normal 1.8m to 4.8m lengths and 200mm, 250mm and 300mm widths. 
Centre graded as 3rds or 4ths.

25mm x 200mm
25mm x 250mm
25mm x 300mm
32mm x 200mm
32mm x 250mm
32mm x 300mm
75mm x 200mm
75mm x 300mm
38mm x 200mm
38mm x 250mm
38mm x 300mm
50mm x 200mm
50mm x 250mm
50mm x 300mm
75mm x 250mm
100mm x 100mm

Applications & Uses

Cabinet making, Interior joinery, pattern stock.

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