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Southern Yellow Pine

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Kiln Dried 2.4m & Longer

Botanical Name: Pinus palustris & Pinus elliottii

The heartwood is yellowish-brown to reddish-brown, generally resinous, which distinguishes itself from the light-coloured sapwood.  Southern Yellow Pine is typically harder and heavier than their commercial species of pine and is almost identical in strength properties with Douglas Fir.

    Small                    Good                    Good

Moderate               660kg/m3

** For symbol explanation see 'Timber Terminology' below

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25mm x 250mm
25mm x 300mm
32mm x 250mm
32mm x 300mm
38mm x 250mm
38mm x 300mm
50mm x 300mm
75mm x 300mm
100mm x 200mm

Applications & Uses

Furniture, panelling staircases, bench seating, interior & exterior joinery, boat building, flooring, construction, spars, masts, lorry work, outdoor and in ground work.

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