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Charred Timber Cladding by Latham Timber

Accoya® Charred Timber Cladding

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Charred timber cladding is a modern application of the ancient Japanese art of charring timber to provide a beautiful and long lasting timber cladding. This is a technique that Shou Sugi Ban have over 8 years of expertise in. The manufacturing process is detailed, accurate and dangerous; one that Shou Sugi Ban have perfected.

There’s nothing quite like charred timber cladding to bring a uniqueness to any external space.   This range is manufactured exclusively by the Shou Sugi Ban® team of skilled craftsmen in the UK using traditional techniques on the most stable and durable timber available.

Choose from a traditional highly charred raw look or a sleek and contemporary finish in a choice of textures to bring a stunning individuality to your project.


Contemporary and unique

Created with durable Accoya® modified timber

Up to 50 year warranty above ground

Very low maintenance

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Technical information



Durability & Stability

A1 / A2

A1 = 4 sides primarily clear, A2 = 3 sides primarily clear.

Durability Class 1, Dimensionally Stable




Acetylated Radiata Pine (Pinus Radiata)

New Zealand

515kg per m3 +/- 80kg




Suitable for coating and painting



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