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MEDITE® TRICOYA® EXTREME is a completely new, innovative form of panel product.  It demonstrates outstanding durability and stability in the most extreme and challenging environments – both exterior as well as interior wet applications. 

If using MEDITE® TRICOYA® EXTREME in a system which resembles a wooden cladding system there are a number of jointing techniques as with regular cladding which can be considered depending on the final appearance of the façade.
Traditionally normal wood type cladding measures 150mm wide, with a recommended limit of 190mm due to cupping issues.  The width of MEDITE® TRICOYA® EXTREME boards is not restricted by cupping and can therefore be wider, leading to a strong visual appeal unobtainable with traditional wood.
MEDITE® TRICOYA® EXTREME is suitable for standard cladding types, and in general, the installer should follow the same recommendations for fitting as with traditional wood board, requiring no special detailing or tools.  As with traditional wood boarding, a ventilated cavity needs to be present behind the boards.
MEDITE® TRICOYA® EXTREME panels can be cut, profiled, embossed or routered to specified designs without encountering restrictions or issues associated with the instability of traditional cladding products while maintaining its durability.

* Statement: Manufacturers Warranty Covers Replacement Material but only if manufacturers recommended instructions are followed

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Popular Designs

The most popular designs are:

  • Open jointed

  • Square edge

  • Shiplap

  • Tongue and Groove

Other designs are of course possible.

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