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Nordus Veneer Panels

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With ‘Nordus’, Decospan offers an accessible collection of veneered panels that play into the trend towards a more Scandinavian and modernist interior design.  They consider themselves as a part of a worldwide community that aims to share the beauty of nature and enjoy it in an environmentally-friendly and responsible manner.

Decospan aim for modern and timeless products of excellent quality with architectural shapes.  Thanks to ‘Nordus’, you can experience this simple and yet practical interior trend with timeless elegance yourself.
For the ‘Nordus’ collections, only the best softwood and birch wood is collected are carefully processed into finely cut veneer.  This way, the raw materials are optimised.  Advanced surface treatments reinforce the unique beauty of wood and highlight its 3D aspect.  A team of trend watchers suggested various trendy finishing options such as metallic shades, ash grey or neutral white accents allowing ‘Nordus’ to be integrated in every interior.

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The Collection

The ‘Nordus’ collection contains 8 designs which go perfectly with a contemporary interior and which encourages creativity.  For that reason, a number of possible finishes with paint or oil is suggested for every wood type.  The veneer’s thickness can be chosen between 0.6mm or 1.5mm depending on the wood type.  A top layer of 1.5mm is always heavy brushed.  Thanks to the unique mix match technique, the veneer panels get a solid character, without optical interruption.  ‘Nordus’ is available as veneered panel, flex and matching edge bands.

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Spring Larch

Winter Larch

Vivid Spruce

Snow Birch

Autumn Larch

Clean Spruce

Honey Pine

Wild Pine

Product Variations

‘Nordus’ Panel:

A ‘Nordus’ panel is composed of a tope layer of real wood veneer, a core of 18mm MDF and a backing of real wood veneer for stability reasons.  The top layer is always a jointed veneer sheet in accordance with the chosen design, composed using our mix match technique.  In this process, strips of veneer wood from various trees with varying cutting methods are randomly jointed into a full sheet.  This way, the panel looks like solid wood.  By creating a continuous surface with various panels, there is no optical illusion.

‘Nordus’ Flex:

Flex is a jointed veneer sheet that is very easy to process.  The veneer sheet is pressed on a paper substrate first after which the wood fibres are broken.  This gives us a flexible sheet of veneer that can be processed both as a flat and curved surface.  Flexibility is the main feature of this product, it is perfectly suitable for covering curved surfaces, cutting into edge bands, covering door bodies etc.


Decospan rely on the expertise and creativity of two partners who are specialists in colouring and protecting wood surfaces, Hesse Lignal who has been specialising in the production of high-quality paints and stain for over 100 years and Rubio Monocoat whose oil simplifies the finish of a wooden surface to applying only one single layer.

For more information on Finishes, click here to download the 'Nordus' brochure.

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