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Hygienic Materials Guide Published to Support Specifiers

Added 08.07.20

To view our Lathams Surface for Safer Spaces Infographic, please click here. A series of guides for specifiers have been launched to explain the hygienic properties of materials that can be used for surfaces and protective screens. Bringing... MORE

James Latham Business COVID-19 Update: 30.06.20

Added 08.07.20

We continue to refine our contingency plans and business continuity activities to operate as efficiently as possible during the Covid19 crisis. The health of our staff is of primary importance and... MORE

EGGER: Ready to seize your opportunities

Added 08.07.20

Get more from the new EGGER Decorative Collection 2020–22   February 2020 sees the introduction of the new EGGER Decorative Collection 2020–22. This is the biggest product... MORE

Lathams Launch Demo Zone at SDS2020

Added 08.07.20

Many people see James Latham as simply a timber supplier and after 262 years in the business you can see why! However, with this year’s ‘How Well Do You Know Us’ campaign, the... MORE


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