Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance Report

The directors believe that good corporate governance, involving risk appraisal and management, prudent decision making, open communication and business efficiency, is important for the long term benefit of the stakeholders in our group.


Compliance with the QCA corporate governance code


Gender Pay Gap Reporting

James Latham plc is an equal opportunities employer, and our policy is that no employee, or applicant for employment, will receive less favourable treatment than another person on the grounds of their race, religion or religious belief, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, age or disability. We recognise the nine protected characteristics of the Equality Act 2010 and apply the provisions of the Act in full in all areas of our organisation.

Under new laws, welcomed by Lathams, all employers in the UK with over 250 employees must now report statutory calculations showing the size of their gender pay gap.

The gender pay gap gives a snapshot of the gender balance within an organisation. It measures the difference between average earnings of all male and female employees, irrespective of their role or seniority. The figures relate to Lathams Limited, our trading subsidiary, which employs the majority of the Group’s total workforce and has more than 250 employees.

These measurements are distinct from equal pay, which is about ensuring that men and women are paid the same for carrying out work of equal value. Our pay review processes, regular monitoring and reviews by the Remuneration Committee, throughout the year, help us ensure that we meet our equal pay obligations.

Our statutory calculations, as at 5th April 2018, are shown below

Mean Gender Pay Gap : -5.7%
Median Gender Pay Gap : -30.8%

Mean Bonus Pay Gap : +8.8%
Median Bonus Pay Gap : -8.7%

In the figures above, a negative figure means women are paid more than men, and a positive figure means men are paid more than women.

Proportion of men receiving a bonus : 85.5%
Proportion of women receiving a bonus : 86.7%

Salary Quartiles  % Female % Male
Upper quartile (high earners) 10.9% 89.1%
Upper middle quartile 27.2% 72.8%
Lower middle quartile 6.5% 93.5%
Lower quartile 4.3% 95.7%

Tax Strategy

The directors believe that the group should pay its taxation liabilities in full and on time and deal with the tax authorities in and open, professional and mutually respectful manner. 


Tax Strategy Document





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