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Lathams Launch Demo Zone at SDS2020

Added 02.04.20

Many people see James Latham as simply a timber supplier and after 262 years in the business you can see why!

However, with this year’s ‘How Well Do You Know Us’ campaign, the leading timber and panel products distributor has been broadening the awareness of its entire product range, from the very latest decors, melamines, laminates and veneers, through to solid surfaces, natural acrylic stone, thermoformable plastics, and more.

And at this year’s Surface Design Show, Latham’s stand (208) will be taking this one step further.  As well as featuring all the new and EXCLUSIVE product ranges from its supplier partners, it will also be adding two elements to the stand that customers have said they wanted to see; demonstrations and interaction.

The Demo Zone 

Stuart Devoil, Group Head of Marketing, James Latham explained, “In the ‘Demo Zone, visitors will be invited to take a seat at a counter in front of a specially constructed ‘demo booth’ and choose from a selection of product samples displayed in front of them. Once they have chosen, they will pass the sample to our operative behind the counter, who will then undertake a demo of thermoforming, shaping, sublimation, coating or whatever is suitable for the chosen material. They will then be handed the sample to take away with them, but will also receive a token and an invite to come up to our private showroom (Suite 301) where they can enjoy a free drink and try the process themselves (whilst also having the opportunity to browse our greater range and consult with our specialists).

The Interactive Zone

“In the interactive zone, visitors will be encouraged to take a selection of the 250 A4 samples we’ll have on display, and form their own ‘mood board’ by sticking them to a large, 4m x 3m magnetic wall, mixing and matching until they have their perfect colour / texture / décor combo.”

“We’ll then photograph the mood board and post it on our Instagram, Pinterest and other social channels, for other designers to check out. Is it inspiration, or competition? We’ll leave that up to you to decide…….

“All in all, this insight led approach is designed to bring greater interaction with our design focused customers, whilst also displaying the huge and diverse array of products we can provide. We hope to see you there on stand 208! “


The Surface Design Show takes place at the Business Design Centre, 52, Upper Street, Islington, London, N1 OQH between 11th-13th February 2020 –

To receive a copy of our invite, please contact us, or visit  to register for your free ticket.

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