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With HI-MACS® The Design Possibilities are Endless

Added 03.06.17

Distributed exclusively in the UK and Ireland by James Latham, HI-MACS® solid surface stands out in every retail project for its elegance, functionality, technology and creative flexibility, allowing interior designers the freedom to create distinctive designs that define spaces.

Ideal for architectural and interior applications, such as sculptural and high performance wall-cladding, HI-MACS® brings you a modern acrylic stone that leaves nothing beyond the realms of possibility, making it the ideal material for high-end retail specifications that are certain to put the products in the spotlight and guide the customers gaze in the right direction.
The wide range of colours, its translucency, its thermoforming properties, its hard-wearing nature, the ease with which it can be manipulated and cut and its uniformity, are all features that allow this acrylic solid surface to be worked like wood.
Corporate logos can be simply and easily applied or cut into the material and because it has uniform thickness, it allows for perfectly imperceptible joints, meaning even large-area installations can have the appearance of being cut from one seamless, flowing piece of material.
Plus, with its unrivalled, non-degenerative, 15-year warranty* - the longest of any solid surface manufacturer on the market – HI-MACS also boasts excellent hygienic properties.  Thanks to its non-porous surface, the fantastic material does not absorb moisture, plus, in addition to being waterproof, it is also extraordinarily effective at repelling stains, making it easy to clean and maintain. Furthermore, it is resistant to scratches and wear.
Further advantages of specifying HI-MACS® include the vast choice of colours - there are more than 80 in the portfolio and it is supplied in thicknesses of 12mm, 9mm and 6mm.


For further information on HI-MACS® solid surface, please visit the website at, email [email protected] or phone 0113 387 0857.

*(Every HI-MACS® product (except external facades and combina stainless steel base sinks) has a warranty of 15-years when the fabrication and installation is done by a HI-MACS® Quality Club Member)

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