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WoodEx® Curtain Walling

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Glue-laminated timber / laminated beams few knots / free of knots

.......for the elevated requirement for façades and conservatories


WoodEx® Curtain Walling is available in four species:

European Oak     Red Grandis


Spruce    European Larch    Redwood


  • High stability class allows a modern and filigree construction

  • Cost advantage due to slim dimensions

  • No additional work with patch up know holes

  • Flexibility, power and experience

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Product information


Versions with other timber species or other structures possible upon request.  We guarantee consistency high product quality through own production, quality management systems as welll as external monitoring, from the saw mill to the processing in the timber production facilities.  Quality: Accoring to Holz Schiller's sorting conditions.

Product Information


  • Top and middle layers 20-24 mm

  • Different structures: all layers finger-jointed, solid top layer and middle layer finger-jointed or the exclusive version (sides with glued joints are planked with solid wood top layers → beam look

  • Quality: free of knots / few knots

  • Position of annual rings: rift / semi-rift

  • Surface is planed and grained four-sided

  • upon request it is possible to get solid top layers appropriate to the property





  • Post/Bolt Constructions

  • Conservatories

  • Interior Finishing

  • Equipment for games and sports

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