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Abet Digital - High Pressure Laminate

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A new brand, a complete service, a clearer and easier way to customise your decorative elements, thanks to the flawless quality and experience of Abet Laminati. Discover the unlimited potential and all the applications of Abet Digital.

HPL laminate can be customised with any image (picture or photograph) and produced in any quantity in the available sizes.
Many different solutions, from the object to print to the surface finishes, guarantee the highest flexibility in production and a great aesthetic impact.

Complete rooms or perfect details with colours, pictures and textures.
Be it to furnish or to communicate via Abet Digital, you create your laminate with the unique distinguishing feature you want.

Choose colours and texture. Create shading and pictures. Apply logos and words. All your ideas become real with Abet Digital.

Furniture, worktops, doors, wall cladding, floors… Every surface talks about you thanks to Abet Digital.

Abet Digital is suitable for exteriors as well.
Digital print on MEG is used to make façades cladding, sunscreens, balconies and parapets and you create urban furniture and external signs.

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Product information



  • 1300 x 3050mm

  • 1300 x 4200mm

  • 1580 x 4200mm


  • 0.6mm to 30mm

  • 24 available finishes

  • Choose from Matte, Glossy, Smotth and Textured

Product Information

Abet Digital technology can also be applied to Metalleido Components products.

  • Strong and resistant to scratches and shocks

  • Excellent fire behaviour

  • Antistatic

  • Easy to work with

  • Easy to clean

  • Excellent hygiene properties

  • Suitable for contact with food

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