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Ultralight Birch Poplar Plywood Panels

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Ultra Sandwich Panel with XPS Core and Poplar Plywood with Birch Faces

Ultralight sandwich panel with an insulating XPS (extruded polystyrene) core combined with European poplar plywood from sustainable plantations and decorative birch faces, with soft, warm tones and elegant grain.

Combining the excellent mechanical properties of Garnica plywood, lightness, stability and machinability, with an insulating and ultralight material such as extruded polystyrene produces a panel with improved performance.

  • Ultralight and exceptional thermal insulation

  • Perfect dimensional stability matched by an excellent result in elasticity and rupture modules

  • Demanding applications such as caravans, yachts, furniture and decoration

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Product information

Applications & Uses


Specifically designed for applications seeking to lighten weight load, such as caravans, yachts, furniture and decoration.


Product Specifications
  • Glue Type:  Class 1 (interior) according to the rule EN 314-2

  • Emission:  Class E1 according to the rule EN 13986

  • Quality faces:  B/BB

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