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All materials exposed to exterior conditions are degraded by a series of chemical, biological and physical processes. The surface of any wood will be disfigured by a combination of UV, moulds, algae, mildew, yeasts and pollution.

Timber cladding can be left to weather naturally and will eventually turn a silver-grey colour over time. If you wish to avoid natural weathering and/or protect your cladding from degrading there are coatings options available to enhance and prolong the natural colour or change the colour to suit your aesthetic.

Our team can advise on suitable options, depending upon the timber cladding you select.

Teknos Coatings

Teknos coatings are designed to keep your cladding looking its best year after year.  They carefully select the best and most appropriate products from their extensive group portfolio to ensure their coatings offer optimum performance for the UK market.

Teknos’ high quality products have been developed to help timber withstand the harshest climates and protect it from UV-light, rain, humidity and extreme temperatures.

Coatings can be either a Translucent Wood Stain or Solid Opaque, film build or low film build. A set of standard colours are available.

Teknos coatings can be applied to the following ranges: Accoya

Sansin Coatings

Sansin has pioneered the use of water-borne, environmentally-friendly wood protection finishes and treatments to optimise performance and durability, as well as enhance the natural beauty of wood.  Sansin is a low VoC, non-film coating in a stunning range of exclusive, contemporary colours. The matt finish allows the beauty of the grain to show through, whilst penetrating beneath the surface of the timber, allowing the paint to bind to the cells, preventing peeling and cracking.

Sansin can be applied to the following ranges: Accoya, Finish Line, Thermowood

Morrells Clear Coating

omnia® Clear is a multi-component wood coating system that offers ultimate protection against UV, weather damage and wood rot. omnia® Clear has been tested under years of accelerated weathering to prove that it will last. The result is an ultra-clear high performance exterior coating system with comprehensive stain blocking and weather resistance.

  • Clear, natural looking topcoats
  • Comprehensive stain blocking
  • Best-in-class blister resistance

omnia® Exterior Joinery Coatings are suitable for multiple wood types, as well as Accoya® acetylated wood.


Sikkens is a top rated, high-performance stain for exterior cladding designed to offer maximum protection and beautiful aesthetics. Available in a range of natural wood tones, as well as clear and translucent options, it provides outstanding protection against UV, wind, moisture and heat.

Sikkens can be applied to the following ranges:

Accoya®, Cypress, Thermowood, Thermally Modified Red Oak, Thermally Modified Meranti, Western Red Cedar, Yellow Cedar

Sanding and brushing

Sanding and brushing opens up the fibres of the timber, allowing the coatings to penetrate deep into the surface, creating a unique texture and finish. Dresser Mouldings use coatings to add two layers to the sanded and brushed surface, providing additional protection.

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