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Noawood Thermo Meranti Cladding

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Noawood Thermo Meranti range offers exceptional thermal properties and its distinctive and warm hues result in a luxurious finish.  Noawood  is Malaysian Meranti that has undergone thermal treatment enhancing the wood grain and providing a smooth finish after varnishing.  A lightweight but strong timber with superior woodworking properties.

Noawood Thermo Meranti cladding is weather and rot resistant and relatively free of defects. The thermal treatment creates a uniform dark colour that enhances the wood grain beautifully.


A durable hardwood

Smoother finish after coating

Luxurious warm hues

Relatively defect free


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Durability & Stability

Selects and Better

Thermally Modified, relatively clear of defects

Durability Class 2, Relatively Stable




Shorea spp.


420kg per m3



Maintenance schedule

Thermal Modification

Meranti has been used in Europe for over 50 years and is renowned for its durability and stability in joineries. Thanks to our thermal treatment, meranti can now be specified for cladding as well.

Noawood’s thermal modification subjects premium kiln-dried Meranti to temperatures above 170°C and pressure between 6-9 bar. The entire process takes up to 30 hours and after completion, the final moisture content is around 4-6%, resulting in enhanced dimensional stability and a lighter weight, making it ideal for cladding.

Changes to the cell wall structures of the wood increase the durability to class 2, and with a density of 420 kg/m³, it is equivalent to Western Red Cedar.

Noawood cladding is not only weather and rot resistant, it also has the advantage of availability in longer lengths (up to 5 metres) and is free of defects.

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