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Thermo Red Oak

The attractive reddish-brown tones make Red Oak an appealing cladding solution for those who cherish the inherent beauty of natural wood.

Thermo Red Oak is a new generation of Thermally Modified Pennsylvanian timber, transformed by heat and steam, that brings an exquisite and timeless finish to exterior walls.

Thermo Red Oak can be treated to maintain is natural tones.  If left untreated, the rich tones will eventually take on a silvery-grey appearance.  Oak is a high-quality hardwood that is exceptionally weather-resistant and the chemical-free thermal treatment enhances these qualities even more, assuring durability and dimensional stability so your cladding will retain its beauty for many years.


Natural and visible grain

Thermo treated for extended durability

Low maintenance

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Durability & Stability

FAS (First and Seconds)

Thermally Modified, relatively clear of defects

Durability Class 1, Relatively Stable




Quercus rubra


705kg per m3 (AHEC)

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