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Infinite perfection, with wood

Decospan provides wood solutions for interior construction. We have a wide range of brands, and for more complex projects, we work together with you to find tailor-made solutions. But we also look to the future, spotting upcoming trends and constantly focusing on innovation. That way, we already have a solution for tomorrow's demand.

That’s why we are introducing a completely new category to our range, alongside natural wood veneers: Infinite Wood. For this unique product, we are collaborating with Alpi, a global player in reconstituted veneer. We are combining their creativity with our craftsmanship and innovation.Infinite Wood is veneer that transcends the inherent limitations of wood. 

The Infinite Wood range consists of 17 designs. The starting point is always the same - preserving the beauty of wood and making it endlessly reproducible thanks to Alpi technology. This is how we manage to perfect both classic and exotic woods and offer them in large, uniform volumes.

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Why Choose Infinite Wood?

Real Wood Perfected - The beauty of wood endlessly reproducible, and still real wood.

Color uniformity - Unprecedented perfection in pattern and colour, and infinitely scalable for very large projects.

Sustainable alternative - A sustainable solution to exotic wood species.

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The Collection

Oak -  a classic that could not be omitted from our range. An entire category is dedicated to this wood, with no fewer than six designs.

Nordics - The category 'Nordic' veneers includes birch and pine looks, with their typical pale colour and distinctive pattern. They fit in modern Scandinavian interiors, where they unobtrusively infuse the space with life.

Exotics - An extensive range of reconstituted exotic tree crops as a sustainable alternative for real exotic wood.

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Vela Oak

Atlas Oak

Rana Oak

Atria Oak

Orion Oak

Lyra Oak

Sirius Birch

Hydra Birch

Polaris Pine

Matar Wenge

Ara Rosewood

Antares Teak

Corvus Ebony

Mira Wenge

Spica Zebrano

Altair Teak

Talitha Ebony

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